Simple, well designed expense manager

This is the expense logging software you've been looking for. Its user interface is so intuitive that you can put it to use the minute you install it. But at the same time it's packed with features: multiple-currency support, negative numbers, built-in calculator, bonus currency converter, sorting, filtering, summarizing, ... Everything you need is right in there.

Moreover, with our Office Add-Ins for Expense Diary (sold separately), you can even import your data directly into Microsoft Excel or Word without going through CSV files!


  • Easy-to-use user interface requires almost no learning
  • Can assign category, account and note to entries for better bookkeeping
  • Accepts negative amounts
  • Can choose any date range to view expenses
  • Password protection
  • Beaming of categories, accounts and currencies
  • Running total is always shown on screen for easy viewing
  • Shows summaries based on months, categories, accounts, ...
  • Sorts entries on all possible fields
  • Filters entries using advanced criteria
  • Can modify or delete multiple entries at a time
  • Supports global find on note text
  • Up to 256 user-definable categories and accounts
  • Customizable colors and table display format



ExpenseDiary 1.7.1001